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"That was my favorite hat, Jack." Will seemed quite content with… - Fun for everyone.

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July 12th, 2004

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07:03 pm
"That was my favorite hat, Jack." Will seemed quite content with glaring at the older pirate. Tearing his stare from Jack, he began poking the water logged piece of fabric with the tip of his blade.

"An' a very nice hat, at that." The captain of the Black Pearl was cautiously avoiding striking range.

"Of all the... Don't you even think about running away! I'm not done with you." A low growl punctuated Will's command.

"I am Captain Jack Sparrow, whelp. I don't run." Jack relaxed his stance in a show of defiance before continuing. "I retreat." Quickly turning, he 'retreated' to his cabin, arms flailing around as if to aid him by swimming through the breeze.

Not bothering to follow his captain, Will continued to examine what had become of his favorite hat, his only hat. What was once a well crafted means of blocking the sun's blindingly hot rays was now holding a lovely array of fish carcasses.

"At least I'll have a good supper tonight." Will murmured as he pulled at the broken feather still attached to the brown fabric.
Current Mood: accomplished

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